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Quantum sheds new light on electron spin resonance techniques

A team led by CQC2T's Prof Lloyd Hollenberg at the University of Melbourne have demonstrated a dramatically improved electron spin resonance technique using the quantum properties of diamond.

Electron spin image of copper (II) ions in a patterned region of the diamond defined by the kangaroo. The scale bar in the image is 10 micrometers. Image credit: David Simpson

Hollenberg led an interdisciplinary team that improved the sensitivity of ESR by orders of magnitude compared to existing techniques using a non-invasive method. The technology will be used to understand biochemistry and could reveal how transition metal ions affect brain health.

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Access the full paper at Nature Communications.

Researchers find quantum computations could be hidden

CQC2T's Dr Nick Menicucci is part of a team that have proposed cloud-based quantum computers could be used remotely without revealing the user's purpose and without the user having access to their own quantum resources.

Towards classically driven blind quantum computation. Credit: Timothy Yeo/Centre for Quantum Technologies, National University of Singapore

The work, published in Physical Review X, was part of a collaboration with researchers from the Centre for Quantum Technologies at the National University of Singapore and the Singapore University of Technology and Design. The team propose that concealing which steps in a series perform the desired calculation would be akin to hiding a needle in a haystack.

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Access the full paper at Physical Review X.