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The Australian Centre of Excellence for Quantum Computation & Communication Technology is an international research effort to develop the science and technology of a global quantum computing information network, encompassing ultra-fast quantum computation, absolutely secure quantum communication and distributed quantum information processing.

Physics PhD student, Sam Hile wins UNSW Science
one minute thesis competition

CQC2T PhD student, Sam Hile is the first physics student to win UNSW Science Postgraduate Research Competition with a prize of $5000. Sam managed to explain the quantum behaviour of single atoms and electrons within a tiny nano-fabricated transistor for the development of a new kind of quantum computer – all within a minute. More than 80 research students entered the competition in which they were judged on the quality of an abstract and a poster outlining their research project and findings. The third task was to give a one-minute long presentation about their work in front of a large audience. Presenter of The Science Show on ABC Radio National, Robyn Williams, astronomer and author Professor Fred Watson, and ABC Science online journalist Genelle Weule, were the three celebrity judges for the event. Video

CQC2T PhD student, Sam Hile presenting at the UNSW Science One Minute Thesis Competition.