Quantum Memory Laboratory

The quantum memory laboratory contains a range of state of the art laser equipment. There are 4 ultra-stable vibration isolated optical tables each dedicated to different aspects of probing atomlight interactions. There are two highly tuneable titanium-sapphire lasers that are used to generate both the fields needed to manipulate our atomic ensembles as well as pump a source of nonclassical light. The non-classical light source consists of a custom-built second-harmonic generator followed by an optical parametric oscillator to deliver squeezed light compatible with the D1 line of rubidium (795nm). Our lab has a collection of rubidium gas cells with varying amounts of buffer gas pressure that we use as prototype atomic ensembles. We also have a magneto-optical trap for generating ultra-cold atomic ensembles. This setup is run using a range of diode lasers and amplified diode lasers at 780nm. A high power fibre laser at 1050nm can be used to run a dipole trap, allowing atom trapping without magnetic fields that change the atomic energy levels.

Rb87 gas cell setup for the implementation of gradient echo memory.