University of Melbourne Facilities

The Melbourne Node of CQC2T is situated in the David Caro Building of the University of Melbourne. It hosts the Microanalytical Research Centre (MARC), the Melbourne Materials Institute (MMI), and the other ARC research centres. The Melbourne Node of CQC2T is one of the largest research centres in the school of physics and is home to: Cleanrooms, Advanced Materials Laboratory and The Quantum Device Modelling & Algorithms Group.

Materials & Device Fabrication Facilities


The Centre’s cleanrooms comprise a dual class (350/3500) change-room (23m2), services area (32m2), wet chemical processing (40m2), scanning electron microscopy (SEM)/ focused ion beam (FIB) laboratory (19m2), general measurement area (41m2), advanced spectroscopy (27m2) and Ion Implantation facility (23m2). The cleanroom is equipped with two turbulently ventilated (HEPA) fume-cupboards, chemical storage and decontamination stations.

Materials Fabrication

Ion Beam Facilities

The Melbourne Node is home to a unique low energy (0.01-15keV) ion implanter, located in clean room. The singleion- implantation technology for deterministic ion implantation has been established within the facility.

Advanced Measurement Facilities

The Centre at the University of Melbourne is also home to a range of scanning probe instruments (AFM) which include a JEOL JAFM 4500XT UHV AFM which is capable of CITS, lateral force, scanning Kelvin and modulation imaging modes with atomic resolution.