Materials & Device Fabrication Facilities


The Centre’s cleanrooms comprise a dual class (350/3500) change-room (23m2), services area (32m2), wet chemical processing (40m2), scanning electron microscopy (SEM)/ focused ion beam (FIB) laboratory (19m2), general measurement area (41m2), advanced spectroscopy (27m2) and Ion Implantation facility (23m2). The cleanroom is equipped with two turbulently ventilated (HEPA) fume-cupboards, chemical storage and decontamination stations.

Materials Fabrication

The micro- and nano-fabrication facilities are primarily located within the CQC2T Cleanroom laboratories and consist of an electron beam (EBL) and photolithographic processing facilities. A UV front side mask aligner (Neutronix Quintel Q4000-6 UV) commissioned in 2007, has a flexible size vacuum chuck system for handling wafers (2”) and smaller pieces with a sub-micron feature resolution, contact/non-contact/vacuum/ proximity exposure modalities and the ability to process both thin and thick photoresists. The EBL facility, which is associated with the SEM/FIB, also includes a Raith pattern generator. A customised Thermionics physical vapour deposition system includes both electron beam and resistive element heating sources with a quartz crystal monitor for thickness control. The cleanroom now also houses a new Bruker 3D surface measurement optical profilometer, a Kurt J. Lesker Physical Vapor Deposition thin film system, a Diener plasma cleaner and a flip chip bonder.

Ion Beam & SEM Dual Beam System

The FIB (Orsay Physics) focussed ion beam system with crossed e-beam SEM unit is located in a clean room. The unit is fitted with gas injection sources and is able to process (i.e. machine) materials with sub 100nm resolution. This facility is used to fabricate precision cantilevers for the step-and-repeat program.

Neutronix Quintel Q4000-6 UV front side mask aligner is located in the CQC2T Cleanroom Complex.