University of New South Wales Facilities

The Centre has access to three major research laboratories at UNSW: the Atomic Fabrication Facility (AFF), Magnet Laboratories and the Semiconductor Nanofabrication Facility (SNF). These facilities are co-located within the Newton building and offer a broad range of nanoscale device fabrication and measurement capabilities.

There is a large services compound supporting all laboratories, incorporating; liquid nitrogen, a diesel UPS, helium recovery, gas and chemical storage. All areas operate under the UNSW OHS Management System administered by an OH&S Officer.

University of Melbourne Facilities

The Melbourne Node of CQC2T is situated in the David Caro Building of the University of Melbourne. It hosts the Microanalytical Research Centre (MARC), the Melbourne Materials Institute (MMI), and the other ARC research centres. The Melbourne Node of CQC2T is one of the largest research centres in the school of physics and is home to: Cleanrooms, Advanced Materials Laboratory and The Quantum Device Modelling & Algorithms Group.

Australian National University Facilities

The Australian National University Node has four CQC2T experimental laboratories located at The Department of Quantum Science and The Laser Physics Centre within The Research School of Physics and Engineering.

Griffith University Facilities

The Quantum Optics and Information Laboratory at Griffith University is temperature controlled, vibration-damped, and optimised for low-light quantum optics experiments.

University of Queensland Facilities

Research at the University of Queensland (UQ) is based in the Nano-Optics and Quantum Technology Laboratories. In addition, there is access to a cleanroom and three laboratories (Chemical Fabrication, Diagnostics, and Microresonator Fabrication) shared with other groups. All of these laboratories are located either in the Parnell building or the Physics Annex at the Saint Lucia Campus.

UNSW Canberra at ADFA Facilities

The Centre has access to three dedicated laser laboratories sharing an acoustically isolated foundation. Housed within these laboratories are three pneumatically isolated optical tables, two of which can be further isolated with compressed gas.